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Swimming Pool Service Company

Keeping up with the servicing of your swimming pool can be tedious, time consuming and, as a result, can be often neglected. But proper swimming pool maintenance is so important to ensuring your pool water is clean, its heating and filtration systems run smooth, and to avoid any costly damage caused by an improperly serviced pool.

That’s why we provide professional pool maintenance services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We offer competitive rates and a reliable staff that will care for your swimming pool and spa area, including above and in-ground pools, hot tubs, whirlpools and more.

We can customize our pool servicing rates to meet your specific needs and will work within your schedule to ensure quality service done when you need, including weekly contracts to ensure your pool is clean, running smooth and properly maintained all spring and summer.

Professional Pool Service So You Don’t Have To

Our services include seasonal pool opening and closing, weekly pool service, vacation maintenance for when you’re away, pump, filter and heater repairs, leak detection and repair, and more. We are your complete Toronto pool experts and can customize your contract to suit your budget and specific needs. Any special requests? Don’t hesitate to ask.

Affordable GTA Pool Service For All Needs

If you live in the Greater Toronto area and need a professional pool service company to maintain, clean and treat your household swimming pool, select the appropriate city nearest you for more information on pricing and available times.

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Spring Opening & Fall Closing Package Discount
Pre-pay your spring pool opening & winter pool closing together
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Complete Season Maintenance End to End Package
Complete Weekly Pool Cleaning, spring pool opening, fall pool closing. From
$819 / YEAR
Complete Season Partial Package End-to-End Package
Partial Maintenance Service Chemical Balance, Spring Opening, Fall Closing. From
$747 / YEAR