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Pool Opening Company

If properly winterized in the fall, opening your pool in the spring doesn’t need to be a tedious task. It does, however, need to be handled with care by a professional pool opening company to ensure a proper start-up and to avoid problems that can occur such as liner tearing and having a dirty water-filled pool.

Proper equipment is also required to open your pool in the spring. A submersible pump may be required to remove any water build-up over the winter from melted snow and rain. Skimmers and scrubbers may be needed depending on how much gunk your pool has collected over the winter. The skimmer basket and any broken or non-working plugs and caps may need to be replaced. A pool vacuum will be required to remove any backlogged dirt left in the filtration system once the pump starts up again.
The pump must be primed and ready to operate, which will take some understanding of how it works.

After the pool is prepped and clean, the water filling process may begin. Once water level is high enough, your main breaker may be turned on to start up the pump and run the initial backwash. During this period, your pool will need to be vacuumed to remove all dirt and algae pumped out or sitting at the bottom from the winter months.

Once everything looks clean, your heater may be started to begin the water heating process. Though the water may look clean, a water test needs to be conducted to determine which chemicals your pool needs to be clean, safe and sparking all summer long.

In most cases, the pool opening process should take between two and three days. The best time to open a pool in Toronto is the end of April, when the weather begins to warm and you can guarantee there won’t be any more snowfall. Many pool owners need pool opening services in Canada because of the many procedures it takes and equipment needed. Determining which chemicals your water needs and the balance should be handled by a professional to run appropriate tests with a 1L sample of your newly filled pool.

Opening your pool for the spring doesn’t need to be tedious or costly. Call a professional Toronto pool opening company today and enjoy your beautiful, fully functional pool and keep cool this summer.

Pool Brothers Inc. will:

  • Drain water level appropriately.
  • Remove skimmer basket, circulation equipment eyeballs, etc.
  • Blow out lines then foam rope installed in skimmer and winterizing antifreeze added into pipes.
  • Remove diving board and pool deck accessories.
  • Step ladders removed and bolts greased.
  • Pool light winterized.
  • Add needed closing chemicals – don't worry they are on us!
  • Install winter cover/lock in cover & water bags.
  • Winterize pool pump, filter heater - antifreeze provided by us.
  • Place pool deck accessories in your desired location.

What you will have ready for the brothers:

  • Cover, water bags, pool accessories, plugs and foam rope ready for closing date.
  • Outdoor power to be accessible.
  • Make sure gate is unlocked.
  • Vacuum pool and balance water.
  • Remove solar blanket if applicable.

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