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Spring Pool Opening

So spring is here. There’s already so much to around the house, and if you’re looking outside at your empty, dirty and unopened swimming pool, the last thing you want to do is spend days to reopen it.

Let’s face it. If you’ve got an outdoor swimming pool that needs to be opened for spring, it can be a tedious, messy and time-consuming task.

The gunky, dirty water at the bottom of your pool must be drained. Your pool walls and floor need to be cleaned. Fresh water must be refilled into your pool. Your filtration systems will need to be flushed. And most importantly, your new pool water must be tested and chemically treated to ensure proper balances and that your pool water is safe for use.

There’s a lot to do, and without the proper equipment and knowledge of how a pool works, opening your pool is best left to professionals.

The good news is you don’t have to open your swimming pool by yourself – and finding the right pool opening company doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

If you need a professional pool opening company to get your swimming pool up and running this spring and summer, call today. We’ll have your pool looking great, running smooth and ready to go in no time.

Let an expert take care of your spring pool opening and remove the headaches you experienced each year opening your pool. Choose a city near you below for spring pool opening information.

Pool Brothers Will ...

Day one:

  • Drain winter cover, wash cover with mild cleaning detergent, rinse, fold and prep for your storage.
  • Drain and rinse water bags, fold and prep for your storage (if applicable).
  • Clean debris from winter pool cover and place into garbage bags. We’ll put them wherever you’d like but you’ll have to dispose of them.
  • Remove all winterizing material (foam rope, plugs, etc.).
  • Re-install your circulation equipment, skimmer baskets, lint & hair trap, etc.
  • Re-install your pool deck equipment, ladders, diving board, hand rails, etc.
  • Rinse your pool deck and general pool area with garden hose.

Day two: (if necessary)

  • Reassemble filter head, pump plugs, tighten seal, install basket, pressure gauges, and turn on filter.
  • Visual inspection for filter leaks.
  • Super shock pool with liquid chlorine provided by us.
  • Initial light vacuum and skim of pool.
  • We’ll give you a completed signed checklist with work order.
  • Answer any questions that you may have.

What you will need to have ready for the brothers:

  • Access to all pool equipment.
  • Pool accessories to be laid out and ready for installation.
  • Accessible water from outdoor tap must be ready for use.
  • Pool filled to appropriate level prior to day two of service.
  • Electrical power supply available.
  • Make sure gate is unlocked.

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