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Newmarket Pool Liner Replacement

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If you live in the Newmarket area and need a professional pool liner installation company, we’re here to help. Our customers come to us for many reasons. Some are in urgent need of replacing their leaky, torn or damaged pool liner to prevent further damage to their pool’s foundation. Others simply want to replace their old pool liner to bring new life to their swimming pool, making it look newer and more beautiful than ever.

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If you need professional pool liner replacement in Burlington, call us now! We can provide a free estimate and work within your budget to remove your existing pool liner, repair any damage that may have occurred to your pool walls or floor and install a new pool liner of your choice. We have many designs and materials to choose from, and we work closely with all of our clients to ensure their pools look great, run smooth and remain problem-free for years to come.

We’re Your Newmarket Pool Liner Experts

Whether you want to replace your damaged pool liner or simply renovate your pool area with a great looking and long lasting pool liner to last a lifetime, we’re your Newmarket pool liner pro’s. We’ll show you how installing a new pool liner doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming, and always leave our customers with a professionally installed new pool liner to last a lifetime.


Pool Liner pattern and colour options
Albion Albion
Air Blue Air Blue
Blue Blue
Bluelan Bluelan
Cambri Cambri
Camocea Camocea
Carmel Carmel
Grand Grand
Grey Stone Grey Stone
Greylan Greylan
Hanover Hanover
Lincpark Lincpark
Miragrey Miragrey
Mirapearl Mirapearl
Niagara Niagara
Norlights Norlights
Phoenix Phoenix
Premstone Bridge Premstone Bridge
Premstone Weave Premstone Weave
White White

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