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The Most Common Culprits of Swimming Pool Pollution

Swimming pool pollution is inevitable. The trick is to control it so that your pool water is always clean, clear and healthy.

It doesn't matter whether your pool is located in your backyard, under cover, above the ground or in the ground, over time the swimming pool water will accumulate a build-up of waste material. If the water isn’t filtered and treated in some way (for examples with chlorine or other chemicals) then it will eventually turn cloudy. This swimming pool pollution will encourage the growth of algae in the water and on the floor and walls of the pool.

Different types of swimming pool pollution

Any impurities that make their way into the water have the potential to cause swimming pool pollution including:

  • Leaves and other garden debris like twigs and flowers.
  • Dust and dirt that either blows into the pool or is transferred from bather’s dirty feet.
  • Perspiration, body oils and unfortunately sometime urine.
  • Cosmetics and sun creams that bathers have applied to their skin.

So you will see that unless your pool has been closed up for winter and is not in use, the water can become polluted in both good weather and bad. Leaves and other debris are blown into the water in windy weather, while people swimming in good weather contribute to Swimming pool pollution as well.

When the wind blows it is inevitable that leaves and other muck will blow into an open outdoor pool. The trouble is that leaves contain tannin, so if you don’t get them out of the water right away they will start to disintegrate and sink to the bottom where they will rot and pollute the water. The tannin is also likely to stain the pool shell.

When it rains pool water can turn green within days. One reason for this is that algae spores are carried by both wind and rain. Since we live in a summer rainfall area this can be a huge problem.

We offer a full swimming pool cleaning service as well as weekly swimming pool maintenance packages.

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