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The Importance of having a Healthy Swimming Pool

Clean, clear sparkling water is the secret of any healthy swimming pool. If the water in your pool isn’t clean and clear, you can be sure that there is something lurking in the water somewhere, and there’s a very good chance that it isn’t healthy. In fact there is every likelihood that there will be some sort of bacteria thriving in the water.

Things accused of getting in the way of a healthy swimming pool

You’ve probably heard lots of stories about people getting sore eyes, rashes, even ear infections from swimming in domestic pools (which are the pools we have at home). Chlorine is often blamed for this. But the truth is that it’s all got to do with good pool maintenance. If the water in your pool is properly sanitized, then you’ll always have a healthy swimming pool. And if it goes out of synch for any reason, it’ll be pretty easy to get it back on track. You just need to know what pool maintenance is all about, and then set up a good maintenance program for your pool.

Algae is another popular scapegoat when it comes to swimming pool cleaning. It is often blamed for making pool water dirty. While algae certainly will turn pool water cloudy and eventually make it go green if it isn’t dealt with, it isn’t actually making your pool water dirty. Algae is a microscopic plant and perfectly natural. Still, a pool full of algae isn’t going to contribute towards a healthy swimming pool either!

How to make sure you always have a healthy swimming pool

Like everything in life, prevention is better than cure. So if you want to be sure you do have a healthy swimming pool, you need to maintain the water and keep it healthy. It has been said that only fools have dirty pools! It is as simple as using a good test kit to test your water regularly, and then spending a little bit of time (as little as ten minutes a week) making sure that you add the right elements to rectify anything that might have gone wrong.

If you don’t have the time and inclination to do it yourself, then it’s a good idea to consider a weekly swimming maintenance package offered by companies like us. We will take the responsibility, together with all the drudgery, of keeping your pool clean, and will ensure that you always have a healthy swimming pool.

We are here to help you. So if you need pool chemicals or pool maintenance backup, give us a call right now.

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