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Swimming Pool Maintenance to keep your Pool in Working Order

Swimming pool maintenance is more than just sweeping out the pool and throwing in a few pool chemicals.

More importantly, swimming pool maintenance has to do with looking after the heart of your pool. And that is your pump and filtration system. This doesn’t mean that you should skimp on chemicals and cleaning, but rather that you should be sure to keep the mechanics of the pool in good working order at all times. Just as you need to be sure that the engine of your motor vehicle is maintained in proper working order, it is absolutely essential for you to regularly service your pool equipment.

Swimming pool pumps play a vital role in swimming pool maintenance, as do pool filters. Of course every pool needs a suitable pump and filter system otherwise you’ll find it impossible to keep the water clean and healthy.

Pool pumps and swimming pool maintenance

Modern self-priming pool pumps will have a long life as long as they are properly maintained, and that is up to you – the pool owner. For example, if you find that the pump isn’t working the way it was, find out what was wrong. It may be quite simply that the O-ring has perished and so the pump is drawing in air. If the lid is worn, air will enter the pump and this will also interfere with the operation of the pump.

If a pump doesn’t prime, or if it loses its prime while it is running, you will need to check the lid as well as the pipe that leads to the pump. Alternatively it could be that the strainer basket or the suction pipe has become blocked, or the water level may be below the skimmer opening. All of this has to do with good and proper swimming pool maintenance. When water leaks out between the pump and the motor, the problem is often a burned-out seal. If you aren’t sure how to replace it, contact a reputable swimming pool service company to do it for you.

The role pool filters play in swimming pool maintenance

The filter is what we need to filter out impurities from swimming pool water. If the filter doesn’t work properly then you will find it impossible to keep your pool water sparkling clean, clear and healthy.

Some filters incorporate pressure gauges that will help you to determine whether or not the equipment is working properly. A normal reading ranges from 45 to 80 kPa (which is a measure of the pressure). If the pressure is higher than this there might be something blocking the system. If the reading is too low there could be a leak or possibly even a blockage in the suction line. If you have a sand filter, this could be the result of too little sand media in the filter. If you aren't sure, get in a good swimming pool filter service company.

Always remember that backwashing is absolutely essential for good filtration. If your pool filter is dirty there will be considerable strain on your pool pump.

And please don’t forget that we can help you with all aspects of your swimming pool maintenance.

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