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Swimming Pool Filter Maintenance is Essential for Pool Hygiene

If you want a clean and hygienic swimming pool (who on earth doesn’t?) then you are going to have to put some effort into swimming pool filter maintenance. If you don’t, you’ll pay the price because your pool will become a grubby, unsightly and unhealthy pond that won’t be fit to swim in.

So what does swimming pool filter maintenance involve?

Basically all it involves is making sure that your swimming pool filter (and the pump, because the filter won’t work without the pump) is working properly and is filtering out all the nasties from your pool water. And don’t ever under-estimate the nasty stuff! This ranges from a whole bunch of bacteria to green, grimy-slimy algae. Plain ordinary dirt and debris also fits the bill, but it isn’t half as horrid.

Learn how filters work so you can ensure your swimming pool filter maintenance is spot on

Most swimming pools today use convenient sand filters that are easy to operate (when you work out how). For instance the valve will be set on ‘filter’ in the normal operation of the equipment and on ‘backwash’ when you need to clean it. That is, of course, because you backwash to clean the pool water through the filter. That certainly isn’t a difficult concept to master.

When you do a backwash, you will normally run the motor until the water in the filter’s sight glass is completely clear. Then you need to switch to the ‘rinse’ mode which will settle the sand bed in the filter. The sand is the media that basically cleans the water and it is the sand that is one of the most vital elements in swimming pool filter maintenance. Then you will usually switch back to ‘filter’.

Don’t panic, all this will be explained in the manual that comes with your new pool filter. If you don’t get a manual ask for one, or ask the pool company to supply you with some other sort of step-by-step pool maintenance instructions. When you clean out the pump basket you will usually put the valve on the ‘closed’ setting. If you have difficulty priming the pump you’ll turn it to ‘circulate’ on start up.

Just remember that it is essential to take the valve out of the ‘closed’ position before you restart the pump because otherwise you will risk damaging the pump. And always switch the pump off before you choose the valve positions. Seriously, it isn’t difficult. But we understand that some people do find it difficult, which is what we offer a broad-based swimming pool service.

We also recognize that here are many different types of pumps of filters.

We can help you choose the right filter for your pool and then provide a pool maintenance service which incorporates pool filter maintenance that will keep your filter running efficiently.

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