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Salt Water Chlorination Systems will add Sparkle to your Pool Water

If you don't keep your swimming pool water clean and healthy, it won't only look foul, but you certainly aren't going to want to swim in it. We agree that this is a good decision because dirty swimming pool water is quite simply unhealthy and can make you sick.

When it comes to pool hygiene there are many different options and there are also numerous chemicals that you can use to control the many contaminants that affect swimming pool water. These include salt water chlorination systems that have become increasingly popular recently.

Chlorine, which is undoubtedly the most widely accepted swimming pool water sanitizer, destroys unhealthy bacteria and viruses, and it also kills unwelcome algae spores that quickly gain a foothold in so many pools.

Combining science with nature, salt water chlorination systems work with the pool filter and convert ordinary salt to chlorine. This means that there is no more manual adding of chlorine to the pool. Instead the chlorinator (which is a small and not very expensive machine) becomes a mini-chlorine factory that produces the chlorine necessary to make the daily filtration process effective.

The cost of salt water chlorination systems depends on the size of your pool and the number of people who will be swimming in your pool at any time. Basically, the bigger the pool and the greater the number of people swimming, the larger the chlorinator should be. Experts in salt water chlorination systems generally advise that pool owners buy a unit that is slightly larger than the size recommended for the pool because this will make sure it will cope in summer when it gets very hot and a lot more people use the pool.

The main factor to remember is that once the chlorinator has been installed, pool maintenance will be kept to a minimum. Most salt water chlorination systems work the same way, and once yours has been installed you will still need to check your pool water once a week. This is vital. You will need to clean the baskets, backwash the filter, check and adjust the pH, and you may need to add acid and other swimming pool chemicals to the water. You should also add algaecides if algae begins to form, and you must (absolutely MUST) check the chlorinator cells and clean them when necessary.

Even if you spend the money required to establish one of the many salt water chlorination systems on the market, if you don't maintain the routine, you may find that the water gets cloudy and green. Worse still, you could cause premature failure of the chlorinator device.

Lastly, you will need to keep the salt levels in the chlorinator topped up in any one of the many salt water chlorination systems that are available.

We can help you choose a suitable salt water chlorination system for your home swimming pool. You won't be sorry contact the swimming pool company in your area.

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