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Pool Maintenance Tips to keep your Water Healthy

Useful pool maintenance tips will not only help you keep your swimming pool water clean, but they will also help you to keep it sparkling clear and healthy throughout the swimming season.

Most people assume that if a pool looks blue and clean that it is also healthy. For this reason they also believe that if pool water is clear they don’t need to treat it or sanitize it. But here’s one of the most vital pool maintenance tips you’ll ever get: even water that appears to be sparkling clear can be harboring harmful bacteria.

The fact of the matter is that if your pool is as healthy as it is good looking, then it is in good shape. But unfortunately a lot of pool owners neglect the health aspects of pool water simply because they cannot be seen. While it is true that the old wives’ tale – if you swim for too long you will catch a cold – is complete nonsense, swimmers do often catch colds. You’re probably wondering what on earth this has to do with pool maintenance tips! The reason swimmers sometimes catch colds is because of the bacteria that is in the pool water. And how did it get there? There are two main causes of bacteria in the water:

  1. previous bathers, and
  2. insufficient chlorination.

So you should see now what it has to do with maintaining your pool.

Pool maintenance tips relating to chlorine

Chlorine was first used as a water purifier more than a century ago, and it is still the most common sanitizing agent for swimming pool water worldwide. While there are other pool chemicals that you can use, the overwhelming popularity of chlorine results from its potency and effectiveness as a germicide.

But there are many different forms of chlorine – and various different chlorine-related devices – that may be used to treat the water, and not all have the same ‘kill power’. Some forms will kill the algae – which is why the water will look beautifully clear – but they don’t get rid of all viral and bacteriological elements that are present in the water. This is all very well, but what pollutes our swimming pool water in the first place?

Pool maintenance tips relating to pool pollution

There are two basic types of pool pollution:

  1. Physical or chemical pollution resulting from a range of factors, from people swimming in the water to leaves blowing into the water in fall.
  2. Biological pollution that results from living organisms (particularly swimming pool algae) that grow in the pool water.

Both types will be controlled if the pool water is regularly maintained. This means that pool pumps and filters need to be operating efficiently and you need to use efficient and effective swimming pool chemicals. If you are battling with pool pollution, it is probably a good idea to call in a swimming pool service company that offers a regular pool maintenance service.

We offer a comprehensive pool maintenance service that will keep your swimming pool water clear and healthy. We will also give you all the pool maintenance tips you need.

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