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Pool Liner Replacement

Toronto Pool Liner Replacement Cost

Vinyl Liner Replacement

  • Pool Liner Price: Call us
  • (dependent on size/shape)
  • Liner Installation Price: $999.99
  • Liner Measurement Price: $199.99

*Please Note* We only install high quality liners. We will not install a "cheap" liner you bought online somewhere.

Pool Liner Replacement Process

If your vinyl pool liner is leaky, wrinkled or damaged beyond repair, pool liner replacement may be the only option to restore your swimming pool.

While most swimming pool liners are built to last, they aren’t invincible. Time, weather and tearing caused by sharp objects are all factors that can destroy or cause leakage to your liner. A leaky pool liner will not only drain water, it will cause damage to the pool sides, causing greater damage and even costlier repairs with time.

Pool Draining

If this is the case with your swimming pool, it must be drained of all water so no further problems will occur to your pool’s foundation. Proper pumping systems will need to be used to remove any amount of water, even if just a few inches deep.

Pool Liner Removal

After the water is drained, your current pool liner may be properly removed. It must be cut from around its skimmers and lights and separated from the pool liner track at the top of the pool wall. A professional pool liner replacement company will clean your liner track if made of aluminum. If your liner track is made of plastic, it may need to be replaced.

Repair and Cleaning

Your pool will need to be inspected and any damage will have to be repaired. Cracks may need to be sealed and any other issues that may have occurred due to your leaky pool must be fixed and sanded down. Then your pool’s foundation must be cleaned of any tiny dirt and debris, swept completely clean and vacuumed. Ensuring your pool walls and floor is completely clean is the most important step before laying down the new liner.

Pool Liner Installation

Due to the size of most swimming pools, a team of professionals is needed when performing a complete pool liner installation. The new liner must be laid and properly aligned to ensure it looks great and fits the shape of the pool and into its corners. It will need to be fitted back into the liner track and vacuum fitted to remove all wrinkles and ensure an airtight seal before your pool can be refilled.

Professional Pool Liner Replacement in Toronto and Area

Most clients come to us because their liner is leaking, and despite efforts to repair it, there is no other solution but complete pool liner replacement. Others come to us to make their pools more attractive by getting rid of their old, faded or worn liner and replacing it with a beautiful new one to bring life to their existing swimming pool.

The good news is that with us the cost of pool liner replacement doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and need your pool liner replaced by reliable, professional and affordable swimming pool experts, call today. We can provide a free pool liner replacement estimate on the spot!

Pool Liner pattern and colour options
Albion Albion
Air Blue Air Blue
Blue Blue
Bluelan Bluelan
Cambri Cambri
Camocea Camocea
Carmel Carmel
Grand Grand
Grey Stone Grey Stone
Greylan Greylan
Hanover Hanover
Lincpark Lincpark
Miragrey Miragrey
Mirapearl Mirapearl
Niagara Niagara
Norlights Norlights
Phoenix Phoenix
Premstone Bridge Premstone Bridge
Premstone Weave Premstone Weave
White White

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