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Pool Leak Detection and Repair

We provide complete pool leak detection and repair services in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Bolton, Caledon and throughout the GTA.

If you suspect your pool is leaking, don’t put off seeking help any longer. A torn or leaking pool liner can result in costly damage to your pool walls and foundation caused by water erosion over time and must be fixed as soon as possible.

Professional Pool Leak Detection And Repair Services

Our process is simple, and we’ll detect any leaks in your pool with speedy repair to avoid any costlier repairs. We have the latest tools and state-of-the-art pool leak detection technology to accurately and effectively locate the source and location of your leak in your liner or plumbing lines, fittings, lights, or drains, promising to identify and permanently correct the problem.

Our Methods

We use two methods of detecting your pool leaks.

The first is what’s known as the “Bucket Test”, which is a simple way of testing how much water is leaking within 24 hours, so we can determine the urgency of your pool leak. A bucket is placed on your pool steps with a small amount of water inside of it. The water levels inside and outside of the bucket are marked, and any changes after 24 hours can determine whether or not your pool is leaking and how quickly you`re losing water.

The next step is to find the source and location of your leak, which requires much more sophisticated technology. We have the latest in pool leak detection equipment to electronically find the source of your pool leak quickly and efficiently, saving time and money and getting to the source of the problem in no time.

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We are highly experienced in pool leak detection and repair, serving the Toronto area with professional and reliable service. If you suspect your pool is leaking or damaged, call us today for your free estimate. We're happy to assist you in any way.

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